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The Michigan Community College Risk Management Authority (MCCRMA) was established in July, 1985, pursuant to laws of the State of Michigan.

The Michigan Community College Risk Management Authority (MCCRMA) was organized in 1985 when the first two member colleges, Schoolcraft College and Oakland Community College, entered into a Joint Exercise of Powers Agreement thus officially establishing the Authority.  Since then, the Authority has grown to include 19 Michigan Community Colleges located throughout the state.

The MCCRMA is a member-driven organization and is governed by a board of directors.  Each Member college designates an employee, usually its business officer, as its member representative to the Authority.  The member representatives elect, from among themselves, seven directors to sit on the board.  The board of directors then elects its officers including chairperson, secretary, and treasurer.

The Board of directors establishes policy for the operation of the MCCRMA and contracts with outside providers for essential services such as reinsurance, underwriting, claims, general counsel, defense counsel, accounting services, risk management, appraisal and member services.

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